Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Kasich: Obama's on-the-job training marched us down a trail of failure

(From Ohio Gov. John Kasich)

In response to President Barack Obama's State of the Union address, tonight Ohio Gov. John Kasich issued the following statement:

"Eight years from now I look forward to giving a State of the Union that describes a stronger, safer and more united America. We’re going to cut taxes, balance the budget and get government out of the way so every American can rise. We’re also going to strengthen our military and renew our alliances to proclaim the values of the civilized world and stand up to extremists and bullies. On-the-job training in this presidency has marched us down a trail of failure and left America weaker, divided and adrift. That’s going to end and by working together we’re going to fight, win and succeed."

Complete transcript provided for final Obama State of the Union Address

Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of Congress, my fellow Americans:

Tonight marks the eighth year I’ve come here to report on the State of the Union. And for this final one, I’m going to try to make it shorter. I know some of you are antsy to get back to Iowa.

I also understand that because it’s an election season, expectations for what we’ll achieve this year are low. Still, Mr. Speaker, I appreciate the constructive approach you and the other leaders took at the end of last year to pass a budget and make tax cuts permanent for working families. So I hope we can work together this year on bipartisan priorities like criminal justice reform, and helping people who are battling prescription drug abuse. We just might surprise the cynics again.

But tonight, I want to go easy on the traditional list of proposals for the year ahead. Don’t worry, I’ve got plenty, from helping students learn to write computer code to personalizing medical treatments for patients. And I’ll keep pushing for progress on the work that still needs doing. Fixing a broken immigration system. Protecting our kids from gun violence. Equal pay for equal work, paid leave, raising the minimum wage. All these things still matter to hardworking families; they are still the right thing to do; and I will not let up until they get done.

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Complete video- Dr. Ben Carson speaks at ALEC summit

Rand Paul: Reasons why I should be included in CNN debate

(From Rand Paul for America)

Prior to CNN's Republican Presidential debate announcement, Rand Paul for President has had discussions with the RNC and CNN in which the campaign indicated that Rand Paul should be on the main stage on Tuesday. Our campaign asserts that fairness in dealing with polling variances, which previously allowed for amended rules for Carly Fiorina for CNN's August Republican Presidential debate, would indicate Rand Paul should be on the main stage during Tuesday's debate.

Some of the points include:

1. Polling criteria has been amended in the previous CNN debate in a similar manner to what we are urging be done today.

In August, polls were all over the place. Older polls had one result, while newer ones had another. Even in contemporaneous polls, there were different people ahead and behind. Thus it was determined that additional time periods and criteria were warranted for fairness. We ask for the same process today.

A. In addition to the previously announced criteria, if a candidate qualified via the polling between the last debate and this debate, they are on the main stage.

B. In addition to the previously announced and above criteria, if a candidate is above other main stage participants in multiple polls, they are on the main stage. Senator Paul is in the TOP FIVE in multiple polls, including the newest New York Times national poll.

2. Senator Paul has a national, first-tier campaign, organized in all 50 states. He is on the ballot everywhere that has had filing. He has over 400 fully operational grassroots groups, and his campaign and related entities have raised $22 million for this race. It is simply not consistent with facts to attempt to force the campaign off of the main debate stage.

3. Rounding up should be applied. Polling margins are simply too wide to allow a quarter or half a point to determine the outcome.

4. The campaign is not asking for special treatment, but simply fairness in criteria, whether it be time frames, allowances for poll variances, or rounding, all of which have been applied to other debates.

Senator Paul is eager for Tuesday's CNN debate, and looks forward to his fair and rightful place on the main stage.

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